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What is a Stone Buddie?

The first question I get from people when I introduce our Stone Buddie product is, "What is a Stone Buddie?" A Stone Buddie is a slice of heaven! It is an All Natural Heating pad that Washing Machine Safe! No other microwaveable heating pad is machine washable. Most are made with food products that mold, can't get wet, and they absorb moisture and smells. Stone Buddies are different. They are made with USA Cherrystones. Washing the heating pad actually hydrates the stones so they last a very long time. They do not absorb smells in the freezer and you don't get the ice sweat that normal icepacks produce. It's great for cramps, pain, muscles, getting warm when you are cold and just for overall comfort. Curl up with one while watching a movie or reading a book. Once heated in the Microwave, they will last for about 15 to 20 minutes if they are in the open. Under a blanket, they stay warm a bit longer. They form to the shape of which ever body part you are using it on, which makes it ideal to fall asleep with. Warm it up, put it in bed while you get ready. Cold toes in bed are a thing of the past! Stone Buddies are also great for older folks. There are no electrical cords and you don't have to remember to turn a switch off. Each one comes with a tag sewn on the back with heating and washing intructions and all seems are double stiched for safety. My kids sleep with them every night during the winter and in the summer after sports, they will use one on their neck as cooling pack. We started making these because we LOVE using them. You will too!9bf1a92a7dafa03dc1226455fbfb34a925d77afb0f090b8ef9

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