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Pillow Garnish the easy throw pillow update

Pillow Garnish is our Wonderful new line of envelope style pillow covers for your throw pillows. Let's face it, no matter how big your house is, no one has room to store throw pillows for each season, each holiday and each event. Pillow Garnish is the easy way to change the look of your room with out having to buy new pillows. You can't go into a store these days without a huge wall or rack of throw pillows. However, you don't see throw pillow covers everywhere, so that is where Pillow Garnish comes into your life! Currently, we are making pillow covers for 14" pillows. However the full line will include 18 and 22 inch as well. I found this great video on line that gives some direction on how to decorate with throw pillows. Check out our covers and have some decorating fun!

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